Recycled Poly Awesome Possum House

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Provide Possum with a comfy protected home they deserve!

100% Made in the USA of recycled milk jugs!

Built to last a lifetime! Will not rot, crack, split or fade!

Outside inscription says "Awesome Possum House"

Recycled Poly Awesome Possum House - This house is for the possum or opossum, whichever way you want to spell it, that you want to protect! Possums do not build their own shelters, they search for them. They will retreat to dens and nest that have been abandoned by other animals, or the possums will take cover in sheds, old buildings, cavities in rocks, brush piles or hollow trees. This is where the Possum House comes in handy! The box features a 5" in diameter entrance hole that is protected by an awning so the house will not have a lot of light shining in as possums try to hide away from the bright sun. The box is constructed using eco-friendly recycled poly lumber material that will not rot, crack, split or fade due to being exposed to the elements. Includes three 3-inch mounting screws. Easy to clean and mount. For best results, we recommend mounting this box anywhere from 10-15 feet high in a large tree. Proudly made in the USA! 

Dimensions: 19"H x 12.5"D x 18"W; 5" diameter entrance hole; Weight: 19 lbs.

Note: Ships dimensional oversized. Additional freight may be required depending on order size and destination zone. 

Made in the USA 


Opossum Mom with Babies