Chickadee Birdhouse Hot Air Balloon

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Colorful hot air balloons spinning in the breeze!

Made with durable weather resistant polyester for long lasting beauty and performance!

Chickadee Bird House animated and kinetic Hot Air Balloons are made with quality weather resistant polyester. The Balloon measures 16 x 12 with a 26 Curlie tail. 6 different colorful printed panels are supported with fiberglass rods which help maintain their shape. Plastic backs the fabric, making the panels rigid. Heavy duty swivels attach the spinner tail and is used to hang your Balloon. Balloons ship flat and they are easy to assemble.
* Weather and fade resistant polyester fabric laminated on plastic
* Fiberglass rods hold the balloon’s shape
* Different dye-sublimated printed graphics on each panel
* 26" curlie tail hangs from a weather treated wooden basket
* Ships flat - easy to assemble
* Attached heavy duty snap swivel for easy hanging 

12" x 12" x 42" (Tail)