Botanical Floral Print Birdhouse Cherokee Rose

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Beautiful shingled roof cottages for nesting songbirds!

Cottage style birdhouse decorated on 3 sides with Cherokee Rose the state flower of Georgia and topped with a western red cedar roof!

Botanical Floral Printed Standard Birdhouse Cherokee Rose - This fully functional cottage style birdhouse is topped with western red cedar and decorated on 3 sides with Cherokee Rose the state flower of Georgia. This delightful birdhouse has a matching roof line with bright rose border trim and hole guard. This standard nesting box can be fixed to a fence post with its pre-installed key-hole hardware. The back panel can be removed for easy yearly cleaning. 1-1/4" diameter entrance hole designed to attract small songbirds such as wrens, chickadees, titmice and nuthatches. These colorful nest boxes make wonderful gifts for bird lovers any time of the year!

 9.25"H x 6.75"W x 5.5"D