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MatMate Tray (Optional):

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Interchangeable and Eco-Friendly!

MatMates are the latest addition to our line-up of high-quality coordinated outdoor decorative accessories. These beautiful printed doormats have an environmentally friendly backing made of recycled rubber tires.


* 18" x 30" die-sublimated mats
* Non-slip recycled rubber backing
* Weather-proof for outdoor use
* Optional 24" x 36" decorative tray (sold separately)

MatMate Decorative Rubber Tray Scroll Design

MatMates doormats measure 18" x 30" and look great when used stand-alone, but the really come to life when they're used as inserts in one of our stunning MatMates decorative trays (sold separately). These innovative 24" x 36" recycled rubber trays beautifully frame each mat with simulated scrollwork. The cast metal corner accents give the finishing touch.

MatMate Decorative Trays sold separately (available at checkout)

   Eco-Friendly product!

MatMates Eco-Friendly Doormats

What are MatMates™ made of?

MatMates interchangeable doormats are made with a non-slip backing of environmentally-friendly recycled rubber tires. The top is nonwoven polyester, permanently printed with fade resistant dyes. Our innovative decorative trays are also made from non-slip recycled rubber tires, embellished with a scrollwork border and decorative zinc metal corners. Both doormats and trays are completely weatherproof and intended of outdoor use.

What are the dimensions of the tray and the individual doormat inserts?

The tray is 24” x 36” and the doormat inserts are 18” x 30”

Can MatMates be used without the tray?

MatMates look great and can be used standalone. But they really make a unique upscale statement when used as an insert in one of our MatMates decorative trays.

Will the metal corners in the MatMates decorative tray rust?

No. The corners of made of cast Zinc, which does not rust.

How are MatMates doormats printed?

MatMates are permanently dyed using state-of-the-art dye sublimation printing. MatMates are fade and mildew resistant.
Are MatMates machine washable?

No. If a MatMates insert becomes soiled, we recommend spraying with a garden hose. A soft bristle brush with mild soap may also be used if necessary.

Do the designs coordinate with the MailWraps® and Yard DeSigns® collections?

Yes, there are more than 140 BreezeArt flag designs that have matching MailWraps mailbox covers and Yard DeSigns magnets. Our newest product, MatMates™ interchangeable decorative doormats, are also available for many collections. We make it easy for homeowners to create a consistent, welcoming look when decorating the outside of their homes.