Classic Galileo Thermometer w/Cherrywood Frame 11"

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A great gift and lasting conversation piece!

Galileo thermometer hand blown glass with cherry finish wood frame!

The Classic 11" glass Galileo thermometer combines style and functionality as a beautiful accent piece for any home or office. Not only does it measure indoor temperature, it is a work of beauty and art. Makes a great gift item and lasting conversation piece!
11 inch Galileo Glass Thermometer with Cherry Finish Wood Frame - Italian astronomer and physicist, Galileo Galilei s (1564-1642) discovery that the density of liquid expands or contracts with temperature changes led to the creation of the world's oldest thermometer a method of searching for actual room temperature. The thermometer is made up of a glass cylinder. Inside the cylinder are hand blown, calibrated, glass spheres each with imprinted designated temperature reading medallions. As temperatures fall, spheres will rise, as temperatures rise, spheres will sink. The lowest floating sphere in the upper group will indicate actual room temperature. A functional work of art!
* Thick, sturdy mouth-blown glass construction
* Cherry finish wood frame
* Colorful glass bulbs descend and ascend with temperature changes
* Lowest floating bulb indicates temperature
* 11" height x 1.75" diameter with 2.25" base
* Liquid magnifies temperature readings
* Degrees Fahrenheit
* Measures temperatures from 64º F to 80º F
* Available in 11", 13" and 17" sizes
* Gift Boxed

 11" Height x 2"D x 3.5"W; Weight: .97 lb.

Classic Galileo Indoor Thermometer