CareFree Hummingbird Feeder Bee Repellent 16 oz.

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Safely, naturally deter bees from hummingbird feeders!

Hummingbird Bee Repellent 8 oz. Spray - Hummingbird Bee Repellent is full of ingredients bees just cannot stand but hummingbirds like! Repell wasps, hornets, stinging insects, andrena, andrenidae and colletidae.

* Hummingbird Bee Repellent: Full of ingredients bees cannot stand but hummingbirds like!
* Resistant: Prevent Wasps, Hornets, Stinging Insects, Andrena, Andrenidae, Colletidae from swarming your hummingbird feeder
* Application: In a sweeping motion, spray around the inlets to the feeder. Do not overspray a light coating is all that is necessary.
* Carefree: Frequent saturation or reapplication is NOT necessary
* Ingredients: Distilled Water, Citric Acid, Lemongrass Oil, Peppermint Oil, Geranium Oil, Cinnamon Oil
CareFree products are made with all-natural food-grade enzymes that are safe for all animals.

Two 8 ounce Spray Bottles (16 ounces total)

Dimensions: 6.34" x 6.34" x 8"

Made in the USA

CareFree Hummingbird Feeder Bee Repellent Spray 8 oz.