Simon's Tree Party Book and Copper Roof Bird House

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A perfect addition to any garden setting!

Simon's Bird House Verdigris Pure Copper Roof and Simon's Tree Party Book!

Allow your children to connect with nature by adding this treasured masterpiece to your outdoor oasis! 

Good Directions has partnered with children’s book author Stephen G. Bowling to bring the spectacular scenes of his heartwarming children’s book, Simon’s Tree Party to life by creating Simon’s birdhouse for your backyard. Bring the unique words and beautiful images of this story to life as birds fly off the pages of this book and into the birdhouse of their dreams. Allow your children to connect with nature through this creative combination.

You and your child can enjoy the stunning illustrations from the story of Simon and his barnyard friends while you enjoy seeing Simon’s house with real birds in your yard. Your children will love the story of Simon and the magic of seeing it come to life right outside their window. Simon’s Tree Party book is included with Simon’s delightful birdhouse. Simon’s birdhouse has a shingle-patterned, verdigris copper roof with a long-lasting hardwood base. Birdhouse features a 1-1/8” entry for small songbirds, drainage holes in base, and air vents for fresh airflow. Order Simon’s birdhouse and book today for a wonderful experience for you and your children all year long. Makes a wonderful gift!

• Verdigris, pure copper shingled-roof with a long-lasting hardwood base painted white
• Single, square nesting compartment with a 1-1/8 in. entry accommodates warblers, chickadees and other small songbirds
• Perch-less entry protects from predators
• Generous 3” hole on back with sliding copper door makes cleanup a breeze
• Drainage holes in base
• Air vents strategically placed to provide fresh air
• Easy to hang and enjoy. 

Dimensions: 7.5"L x 7.5"W x 12"H; Weight: 4 lbs.

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