Audubon 3-Tier Diamond Yard Stake Mason Bee House

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Category : Mason Bee Houses, Beneficial Insect Shelters
Category : Garden Stakes & Balancers


Add a sturdy mason bee shelter to your pollinator haven!

Naturally maintain and improve the health of the plants in your yard, landscape, or garden by attracting beneficial insects!

Add more valuable bee pollinators to your garden with 3-Tier Diamond Yard Stake Mason Bee House. They are called Masons because they work with mud to build and seal their nests. Mason Bees are attracted to flowering plants such as vegetables, fruit trees & bushes, flowering annuals, perennials and vine plants. Their work in the Spring can determine the volume of fruit or vegetables that will be available to harvest. Place ideally near a source of mud. For best results, also place near flowering plants known to attract bees (Bee Balm, Black-eyed Susan, Purple Coneflower etc.). Includes three 94 tube replacement houses and is a total height with the pole of 58 inches. Invite pollinators into your backyard with the 3-Tier Diamond Yard Stake Mason Bee House.

Dimensions: 8”L x 9.10"W x 19.30”H; Weight 5.5 lbs.

Note: Ships dimensional oversized. Additional freight may be required depending on order size and destination zone.