Beautiful glazed porcelain stoneware hummingbird feeders for your garden landscape!

Attracts hummingbirds like a magnet!

Package includes the beautiful Alcyon Stoneware Hummingbird Feeder with Radial Hanging Birdbath in Autumn Red finish!

Use the hummingbird feeder together with the matching birdbath or separately!

Makes a wonderful gift for the hummingbird enthusiast! 

Our new Alcyon Hummingbird feeder is a product of observation and research in hummingbird feeder design. Produced in strong, high-fired stoneware with durable vitreous glazes in rich and varied colors. It utilizes an easily cleaned glass jar topped with a bright red, gasketed cap. The jar is surrounded with a generous moat that, when filled with water, will keep ants and other insects from the nectar. At the end of the season, the entire feeder can be cleaned in the dishwasher (excluding the chain).

* Designed for hummingbird care and human joy
* Integral moat protects against nectar contamination
* The glass jar holds 6.5 ounces to promote frequent cleaning and refreshment  
* Moat offers water source for other species
* Rim provides secure perch for resting
* Glazed finish and glass are easily cleaned
* Materials and design offer enduring value
* Can optionally be combined with our Alcyon bird baths

Hummingbird Feeder Dimensions:
 3"L x 5"W x 15"H (Includes Hanging Chain)

Includes the beautiful glazed porcelain stoneware Autumn Red Radial Hanging Bird Bath!

The Alcyon Radial Hanging Bird Bath is designed with birds in mind and is perfect for providing backyard birds with essential drinking and bathing water. Plus they look great in your garden landscape, patio, deck or yard!

Durable & attractive porcelain stoneware withstands outdoor exposure to the elements. Beautiful glazes accentuate the unique radial design.

Decorative and functional, the Alcyon Radial Bird Bath goes with any bird feeder or bird house combination, but is also designed to compliment the porcelain Alcyon Egg Bird Home and Alcyon Bird Feeder.

The baths are frost-proof, though they should be taken in during the winter months and not left out in freezing temperatures.

Radial Hanging Birdbath Dimensions: 14-3/8" Diameter x 2-1/2" Depth (Bowl); 34" Length (Chain); Weight: 4 lbs.

Alcyon Stoneware Hummingbird Feeder with Radial Hanging Birdbath Autumn Red