Audubon Bee Shape Insect Shelter Stake 2/PAK

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Attract beneficial insects to your garden landscape!

Set of 2 
Audubon Bee Shape Insect Shelter Garden Stakes!

Naturally maintain and improve the health of the plants in your yard, landscape, or garden by attracting beneficial insects!

Attract beneficial insects to your yard with the Bee Shape Insect Shelter Garden Stake. This yellow bee-shaped wooden insect house features four individual compartments with nesting tubes and is made from durable cedar. 

With nesting areas for both Mason and Leafcutter Bees in this insect house, you'll have pollinators in your yard all summer long. Mason Bees are 100x more efficient than honeybees. Native, independent and gentle, these two species spend their time pollinating instead of making honey. During nesting season, birds feed insects to their nestlings as an essential source of protein for proper development. Add several insect houses around your yard and attract a greater amount of insects to benefit your nesting birds. Yellow bee-shaped wooden insect house with decorative antennae and wings, includes 36"H yard stake.
* Insect House, shaped like a bee
* Attract beneficial insects & pollinators to your yard
* Features four individual compartments with nesting tubes
* Place in a sunny location with early morning sun

INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT: Attract predatory insects like lacewings and lady bugs to help reduce plant damage from pests like aphids and caterpillars without the use of harsh pesticides.

Attracts these beneficial insects:  Mason Bees, Leafcutter Bees, Lacewings, Ladybugs and more!

7.2" x 8.2" x 2.1"; 36"H Stake