Finches Favorite 3-Tube Feeder Yellow

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Finches will flock to your backyard sanctuary!

The color YELLOW attracts Finches!

Want to host a finch feast? This is the feeder that will help you do it! This triple tube feeder holds lots of thistle seed and provides ample perching space. Each tube can be filled individually. All three tubes are connected by the colorful perching rods.

Thirty-six seed ports means more happy Finches in your backyard! Unique 3-tube design allows up to 24 Finches to feed at once with all birds in view! Maintains seed to more ports 66% longer! Holds 3 lbs of Nyjer/Thistle Seed or Finch Mix. Plastic tube, yellow plastic caps and perches. Made in the USA!


* Perches can hold 24 finches at once!
* Holds approximately 3 pounds of seed.

Dimensions: 14.25" x 3" x 25"

Made in the USA