Add a beauty and function to your garden landscape! 

This Wall-Mounted Dogwood Birdbath was specifically designed with our pollinator friends in mind. The simple copper bowl has a white dogwood flower that fits into the center. Allowing the petals to dip into the water's surface provides a landing place for bees and butterflies to sip at the edge without falling in. Use it with or without the addition of glass beads or stones. Ideal for porches, decks and fence posts, the bowl has a threaded base that attaches to the wrought iron wall bracket. Two mounting holes and hardware are provided. Provide backyard birds with a place to drink and bathe while adding interest to your garden landscape with our Copper Dogwood Birdbath with Wall Mount Bracket! 

Bowl Dimensions:
 12" diameter x 3-1/2"D
Made of Stainless Steel with Copper plating, surface will develop a natural copper patina over time
Wrought Iron Wall Mount Bracket Dimensions: 9"W x 9"H (not including threaded pin)

Bracket is made of wrought iron with Black powder coated finish for weather resistance.