Bird Feeding Station Kit For Kids

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Share the joy of birds with the young ones in your life!

Our Red Bird Feeding Station for Kids is shorter than other stations with feeders within easy reach. This feeding station includes two hangers, two Stokes Little Bit wire mesh feeders - one red for sunflower seed and one yellow for Nyjer (thistle) seed or finch mix - with attached birdbath and mesh feeding platform. Each mesh feeder holds 1/2 lb. of sunflower or nyjer seed. 8-1/2 inch tall feeders. Heavy duty steel pole with durable red powdercoated finish. Station stands 88-1/2 inches tall overall. Makes a wonderful gift for the young naturalist! Feed a wide variety of birds in your yard from the Wild Bird Feeding Station Kit For Kids! Assembly required.

The stylish Little Bit Feeders are great for anyone at any age starting to feed birds. The feeder is versatile and will hold a variety of seeds allowing you to attract many birds. Easy twist-off top and base make cleaning and filling simple. Large hanging ring allows you to hang from any hook or hanger. 


* Colorful 2-hanger bird feeding station
* Share the joy of birds with children
* Perfectly sized and shorter in height for little hands and legs
* Remove pole sections for your preferred height
* Extra strength screw together poles and quick fitting accessories
* Heavy duty steel pole with red powdercoated finish
* Includes 2 Stokes Little Bit Feeders - one red for sunflower seed, one yellow for Nyjer (thistle) seed or finch mix
* Each hanging feeder holds approximately 1/2 lbs of seed
* Includes bird bath with support ring and feeding tray
* Easy to clean & refill
* Makes a wonderful gift!

Pole Dimensions:
 10.63"L x 16.34"W x 88.5"H; Weight: 4.6 lbs.

Feeder Dimensions: 4.6"L x 4.6"W x 8.5"H; Weight: .42 lbs.

Note: Ships dimensional oversized. Additional freight may be required depending on order size and destination zone.