Swallow Nesting Platform

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Provide Swallows a comfy open nesting spot they will love!

A handcrafted Swallow Nest design inspired by nature! 

This Swallow Nest is designed to give nest-building Swallows a structure to add to, and typically they’ll plaster wet mud and plant fibres into the cup to create their own nest. It is made from resin material and set onto a sturdy wooden backboard to allow easy fixing to a wall in an outbuilding.

Our Swallow
Nests should be mounted underneath a roof overhang. Swallows prefer to nest against a light background with other swallows. It is recommended to have more than one mounted to attract these birds.

These amazing birds feed on airborne insects so they have to follow the warm weather southwards every autumn. Swallows head for the southern tip of Africa for the winter. They make the return journey every spring arriving in April. When they arrive, their first priority is to find a nest site but, sadly, this is becoming harder as old buildings are demolished or repaired, farm buildings are secured or converted and some established nests are even deliberately removed in 'tidy-up' operations.
Fortunately, Swallows will use a special open nest box in an enclosed area such as a porch or outbuilding. A Swallow Nest should be sited inside a building which allows easy access for the birds via an open door or window, such as a garage or outhouse. The male Swallow will circle above his chosen nest site, singing to attract a female.

Dimensions: 6"L x 2"W x 4"H; Weight: 2 lbs.

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Natural Barn Swallow Nest

Natural Barn Swallow Nest