Summer Cardinal Ceramic Coaster Set of 4

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Beautiful beverage coasters for birding enthusiasts!

The Jim Rathert Cardinal Sandstone Coaster is an original Jim Rathert Cardinal image features a happy-go-lucky Cardinal on a cheerful bright day, surrounded by the full bloom of summer, based on a photo by wild bird photographer Jim Rathert . This fine sandstone coaster protects your furniture and captures the exquisite detail and brilliant colors of it's natural subjects. Only the dye sublimation process produces a photo quality image and durable hard surface. Water beads up beautifully around the base of the glass and does not run off of the edges. Condensation does not absorb into the coaster as with other coasters. Simply wipe excess moisture when finished.

About the Artist: Jim was a biologist and photographer with Missouri Department of Conservation for more than 30 years. Now retired, he enjoys making useful products featuring his bird photographs. Drawing upon his passion for native birds, Jim creates unique designs using his personal collections of photographs. 
Beautiful "High Definition" sandstone ceramic coasters are crafted from the best materials to protect your furniture from unwanted marks and stains. Individually crafted through a process called dye sublimation to produce a practical and virtually unbreakable full color coaster. 4"  diameter x 1/4". Designed & Printed in the U.S.A.

Set of 4 Summer Cardinal Sandstone Ceramic Coasters

Made in the USA