Wireless Touch Magnetic Amplifier Speaker Boom Box

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A modern take on the classic 80's boombox!

Our unique Wireless Touch Speaker Boom Box turns any smartphone or MP3/MP4 player into a portable sound system, giving it a modern take on the classic 80’s boomboxes! No cables or Bluetooth pairing needed – just place your device onto our wireless speaker for instant amplification. Because there are no cords or connections, our speaker is compatible with most devices that have an external speaker. Our Touch Speaker Boom Box is designed to deliver incredible, clear, audio no matter how loud you want to crank up the volume! The portable speaker features a long-lasting, built-in, lithium rechargeable battery allowing you to take it anywhere you want to play music – from your backyard, to the park, to the beach. As an added convenience, our speaker can be charged with the included micro USB cable. Our Touch Speaker Boom Box will make a fantastic gift for any music lover! 

Wireless Touch Magnetic Induction Amplifier Speaker

* Simply place your phone on top
* Two giant five watt speakers
* Instantly amplifies sounds
* No need for wires or pairing
* Recharge via USB cable provided

Dimensions: 9.13"L x 3.50"W x 4.33"H; Weight 1.7 lbs.