Humm-Bug Hummingbird Protein Feeder

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Nectar FREE Hummingbird Protein Feeder!

The First of Its Kind!

A whole new way to attract and feed hummingbirds... without messy nectar. Super healthy and all natural, the Humm-Bug offers a high protein snack that keeps them coming back!

No need to buy food! Using only fruits and vegetables, the Humm-Bug is completely safe and all natural! In just a few days, you will have an unlimited supply of protein packed fruit flies for all the hummingbirds to enjoy!

This clean-feeding Hummingbird Feeder uses fruits and vegetables to offer essential protein-packed fruit flies. Yes, fruit flies! Nectar alone lacks the protein and vitamins hummingbirds need to survive. And because they feed babies every 20 minutes or so, the innovative feeder keeps their favorite food source readily available. Hummingbirds can feed all around- not just on the feeder itself. Imagine, no drip, no leak, no wasps or bees with which to contend. Just save some scraps (banana peels work great) and place them inside the Humm-Bug for incubation of fruit flies, they're hummingbird's favorite food and actually required for survival.
Simple rinse and refill every 3 weeks, best when hung in a shady, dry spot, near nectar flowers or another hummingbird feeder (to get started). Innovative Protein Hummingbird Feeder creates a new dimension for attracting and feeding beloved hummingbirds!

Made from solid red plastic to deter bees and wasps, while adult hummingbirds can rest on the wraparound perch to save much-needed energy. For best results, add banana peels and hang near your nectar flowers or feeder. Includes 12 inch cable hanging loop and drainage. Made in the USA!


* Spacious fruit feeder with 15 feeding ports
* Attract multiple hummingbirds without nectar
* Container incubates fruit & harbors fruit flies for protein
* Easy to clean; refill every 3 weeks
* Made in the USA

 10"L x 10"W x 5.25"H

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Made in the USA     

Humm-Bug Hummingbird Protien Feeder