No Drip Inverted Umbrella Red/Black

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The NO DRIP Inverted Umbrella!

Never get wet again!

Unique construction enables you to open or close the umbrella through a nearly shut car door or doorway, providing extra protection from precipitation!

Available in Red/Black or Black/Black
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With our one-of-a-kind No Drip Umbrella, you will never get wet again! Our Umbrella has an inverted design that enables you to close it upward trapping residual rain drops inside its double-layer water-repellent canopy made from durable pongee cloth. That's right, by inverting the design, the wet side of our umbrella faces inward when closed, exposing only the dry side.

Unlike a standard umbrella, our unique construction enables one to open or close it through a slightly ajar car door or doorway, providing extra protection from precipitation when exiting or entering a vehicle or building. When folded, our No Drip Umbrella forms a waterproof cone that ensures that the remaining water stays inside, preventing potential floor puddles.

Our sturdy No Drip Umbrella has passed third party testing for wind speeds up to 26 mph. A single button unlocks our umbrella for easy manual opening and closing. These lovely umbrellas make wonderful gifts!


Water Repellent: Double layered, water repellent canopy made from durable pongee cloth 
No Drip: Inverted design closes upward and traps residual water inside, preventing dripping and puddles
Weather Durable: This umbrella can amazingly withstand winds up to 26 mph
User Friendly Hands-Free Handle: Handle hangs on wrist for sturdy, convenience, hands-free use

Dimensions: 32.75"L x 3.75"W x 3"H