Nitrile Garden Gloves Assorted Colors 6/Pack

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A tough pair of gloves for hardworking hands!

Incredibly lightweight & flexible

Tough Nitrile coating protects hands  

Our garden gloves are flexible and lightweight and have tough Nitrile coating which protects hands. These lightweight nylon knit gloves fit like a second skin. These ultra thin gloves let you feel what you're doing, weeding, thinning, pruning, even picking up individual seeds. It has tough nitrile coating over ergonomically shaped, seamless knit for unprecedented comfort, dexterity, and durability. 


- Excellent grip and durability
- Comfortable fit with excellent dexterity 
- Tough nitrile coating.
- Breathable nylon lining 
- Machine washable 
- Nitrile palm for abrasion and puncture resistance 
- All-day comfort 
- Great for gardening and household chores 

- Small parts assembly 
- Inspection 
- Light fabrication 
- Tool handling 
- Automotive 
- Gardening 
- Material handling 
- Packaging 

Nitrile Garden Gloves Assorted Colors 

Available in six assorted colors: Green, Purple, Red, Yellow, Orange and Blue. These gloves stand up to repeated machine washings, and dry quickly.

6 Pairs/Pack Assorted colors.

Sizes: Small, Medium and Large (select at checkout)

How do I know what size gloves to order?

It’s best to order gloves in the size you normally wear. Most (but not all) gloves are pretty consistent in size from one brand to another, so if you have bought size “Large” in the past, then you’d have a pretty safe bet in ordering a large.

If you have no idea what size glove to buy and have no past experience in buying gloves, you can measure your hand. We suggest you use a cloth tape measure like the one shown below. You can get a range of measurements depending upon how much you try to make your hand wide and flat. We get the best fit by using the largest measurement you can get (by making your palm as wide and flat as possible with the thumb sticking straight out). After getting a measurement, use the chart below to convert the measurement to an alpha size:

Actual Hand Measurement Alpha Glove Size

6”-6.5” XS
6.5”-7.5” Small
7.5”-8.5” Medium
8.5”-9.5” Large
9.5”-10.5” XL
10.5”-11” XXL
11”-12” XXXL

A note about women’s glove sizes:
 Generally speaking, a ladies glove size is one size smaller than a corresponding men’s size (men’s medium equals a ladies large), but ladies gloves are cut longer with more slender fingers.

How to measure your hand for glove sizing