Cardinal Nest Whirligig w/Pole

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Kinetic sculpture puts the "fun" into "functional" and delight into the garden!

Includes 3-part 47" pole for easy installation!

Our Cardinal Mama and Nest Whirligig lovingly bobs forward and back to feed her babies who pop up and down energetically to receive a meal. They are the perfect and most entertaining gift for your favorite gardener. These whirligigs make this a charming ornamental piece for your yard or garden! This will jazz up any spot you decide to place it! 

Each handmade, powdercoated all-metal whirlygig is wind-propelled with nylon propeller. When the wind hits the propeller, they each do clever things. The perfect gift for your favorite gardener. Each is individually boxed, including a 3-part, 47-inch high pole for easy mounting. No more than a minute to install and they are ready to surprise and delight for many seasons to come.

Once per year we recommend applying a preservative such as polyurethane.

Dimensions: 14"L x 12"W x 9"H; 55"H pole