Songbird Recycled Poly Goldfinch Feeder

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Attract Colorful Goldfinches to your yard!

No "Dead" Seed Area - V-Shaped!

100% Recycled Plastic - Bright Yellow Poly Color Attracts Finches!

Recycled Poly Goldfinch Feeder - These quality crafted eco-friendly hanging finch feeders are made from durable weather resistant 100% recycled 5/8" poly lumber. Lifetime guarantee to never crack, split or fade. Rust-free stainless steel screws. Hanging cable included. Easy to clean and fill. Vibrant yellow poly color. Holds over 2 lbs. Nyjer seed. easy to fill and clean. Proudly made in the USA!


* Bright Yellow Poly Lumber
* Adjustable Hanging Cable
* No "Dead" Seed Area (V-Shaped)
* Tapers down to prevent mold that occurs on most thistle feeders
* Stainless steel screws and mesh are durable, prevents rust
* Poly recycled lumber prevents cracking, chipping, and color from fading
* No maintenance required
* 40 ounce capacity (5 cups)

Birds this feeder attracts include Goldfinches, Purple Finches, Other Finch Species, Clinging Birds

8" x 6" x 24" Including Hanger

Made in the USA

EcoFfriendly Product