No/No Penguin Wire Mesh Bird Feeder

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Your backyard birds will love clinging to the Penguin!

Spring, summer, fall or winter... the Penguin bird feeder will be a hit in your backyard bird sanctuary!

The dapper NO/NO® Penguin Mesh Bird Feeder is a super cute addition to your yard, garden or patio. Measuring 15 inches high, this NO/NO® (NO WOOD/NO PLASTIC) wild bird feeder is constructed with an all-metal, diamond mesh design.

The festive, yet durable, feeder is powder-coated to protect it from weathering and squirrel damage. Easily remove the Penguin’s top hat and fill with up to 3 lb of black oil sunflower seed.

Hang this cheerful feeder with the built-in 8-inch hanger and watch as the large, open feeding area attracts 10-15 clinging birds at one time!


• Powder-coated, all metal mesh construction
• Large, open feeding area
• Attracts clinging birds
• Dispenses black oil sunflower seed
• Great gift idea

Wild Birds love:

• 360-degree seed access
• Clinging birds can perch anywhere
• The tasty sunflower seeds inside

You'll love:

• Adorable Penguin design
• 3 lb seed capacity
• Built-in hanging hook
• All-metal design
• Hours of bird watching fun

Dimensions: 6"L x 6"W x 14.7"H

No/No Penguin Wire Mesh Bird Feeder