Crystal Rainbow Mobile Set of 2

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Rainbow colors sparkle in the breeze!

2 slender strands of holographic mylar curl together as acrylic crystals hang from the ends. The attached swivel allows the indoor outdoor mobile to cast rainbows around the room or garden. Made with holographic mylar, these sturdy plastic, hand tied mobiles are great for hanging from trees or the patio eaves in the garden or backyard. Decorate a child's room, brighten hospital and nursing home rooms, bring color to the garden landscape or backyard, make the party or festival sparkle with rainbows. Myriad rainbow colors sparkle in the breeze, coloring the wind.

Crystal Rainbow Mobiles are graceful gifts. The beautiful colors attract hummingbirds and butterflies. The glittering light startles many other birds, preventing window collisions. Double spiral mobiles are sturdy Holographic mylar plastic. Safe to hang indoors or out. Creates a Rainbow spot in the garden. Hang in front of windows to deter bird collisions or as garden scarecrow devices.

Set of 2 Crystal Rainbow Mobiles

Dimensions: 24"L x 10"W