Abby Bobbing Head Bamboo Wind Chime

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Bamboo wind chimes create an elegant backyard experience!

Abby is our best selling bobbing head wind chime and features a finish that is covered by thousands of tiny, individually applied bright colored dots!  

This item is perfect for any bird enthusiast, thanks to the realism and detailed painting!

These beautifully crafted and hand painted windchimes are carved from bamboo, coconut and solid wood. Beautiful to look at and even lovlier to listen to!

Graceful and subtle hand-etched wood patterns adorn this high quality handmade bamboo wind chime. These chimes are hand made in small villages in Bali by families that have been crafting similar items for ages. Each handcrafted bamboo wind chime is hand-tuned to fill your garden with peaceful tranquility.

These chimes are made from the highest quality renewable and sustainable materials. Calming wind chimes are the perfect backyard decoration to give as a gift.

Dimensions: 8" x 8" x 17"; Overall length (from hook to end of clapper) is about 36 inches.

Please note: All of the windchimes are individually handmade. Each one is unique and may differ slighly from pictured item.