AdjustaPole Center Pole 84"

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AdjustaPole 7 Inch Hanger (Optional):

AdjustaPole 12 Inch Hanger (Optional):

AdjustaPole 6 Inch Pot Hanger (Optional):

AdjustaPole 8 Inch Pot Hanger (Optional):

AdjustaPole Base Supports (Optional):

AdjustaPole Solar LED Lantern (Optional):

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Nature's Way AdjustaPole

The most versatile garden pole on the market!

Completely Customizable Outdoor Hook & Display System!

Hang bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, birdbaths, birding accessories, plants, wind chimes and more with ease!

The AdjustaPole 84 inch Center Pole is ultra-durable and resists bending or bowing like other shepherd hook poles. AdjustaPole allows user to choose between 12 height positions and each position offers 6 hanger settings in a full 360 degree circle. The 84 inch center pole is step 1 to purchasing the AdjustaPole system.

The AdjustaPole is a completely customizable outdoor shepherd hook system. Hanging arms, pot holders, base supports, Solar LED Lantern Top, bird feeders, etc., shown above are all sold separately. The available AdjustaPole components allow you to create your own unique garden pole system in a variety of configurations.

If you want the complete AdjustaPole System as shown above without the bird feeders and potted plants we recommend the AdjustaPole Yard Kit Deluxe.  Or, you may purchase the AdjustaPole System components separately to create your own personalized system that fits your needs. To complete your pole system select optional AdjustaPole accessories before adding to cart. 

Dimensions: .75"L x .75"W x 84"H; Weight 3.3 lbs.

Note: Ships dimensional oversized. Additional freight may be required depending on order size and destination zone. 

Nature's Way AdjustaPole

Have no fear when you customize and load up your AdjustaPole‬ system with heavy bird feeders and potted plants! The pictured weight here is a total of 150 lbs! Can the shepherd's hook you're using today do that?