Carpenter Bee Trap Hanging Slanted Jar

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Carpenter Bees

Prevent Carpenter Bees from Damaging Your Property!

This carpenter bee trap has an angled wall to help hide the carpenter bee containment jar. This carpenter bee trap looks great and can be hung, sat or mounted to any wooden structure. Protects any wooden structure. Easily removable jar for discarding bees. Designed to be catch and release (if desired). Only catches carpenter or wood boring Bees. Patented and EPA approved. This carpenter bee trap is extremely effective in preventing carpenter bee damage to your property. Made in the USA!


* One hole on side and front
* Designed to hang mount where bees are swarming
* Easily removable jar for discarding bees
* Pre-treated with attractant
* Never requires more attractant
* 5-15 foot radius of effectiveness
* Does NOT attract any other type of bee
* NO chemicals or skill needed

Dimensions: 5.5" x 5.5" x 9.25"

Made in the USA

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Carpenter Bee Damage to Property

Carpenter Bee Damage

Carpenter Bee Larvae in Wood Structure