Songbird Heated Ground Bird Bath

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Guaranteed open water to -20 degrees!

There is no better, safer heated ground level bath for the birds!

Our heated 14-inch diameter ground birdbath keeps water open and fresh all winter long. The 60-watt heating element is sealed beneath the black plastic dish, insulated & thermostatically controlled to turn on at 38 degrees F and off at 68 degrees F. All internal contacts are sealed with shrink tubing to prevent corrosion and each bath is fully insulated. The heated dish rests in a durable steel frame featuring a handsome gray granite environmentally friendly, powder-coat finish. The four-legged steel base is rust resistant and the black-resin insert dish is removable for easy cleaning. Guaranteed to provide birds with ice-free water down to -20 degrees! The heated dish has a one-year warranty. Made in the USA!

Made with material certified as flame retardant and BPA free. This quality Heated Bird Bath offers a fully insulated heating element which send heat directly upwards, conserving energy. Full insulation also prevents condensation within the Heated Bird Bath which can corrode the electrical contacts rendering the product inoperable.

14" Plastic Dishes

Come spring, it's a snap to convert this unit into a traditional bird bath by simply replacing the heated dish with an optional 14" diameter non-heated plastic dish. Available in Green, Terra Cotta or Black. (Available at checkout).

Note: Energy usage is approximately the same as the energy required to run a 60 watt incandescent light bulb. Our heated baths are thermo-statically controlled, and not always on.

Dimensions: 14" diameter, 5" tall. 60 watts, 6 inch cord. Add your own outdoor extension cord.

Made in the USA