Chapelwood Blue Domed Roof Feeder

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Category : Sunflower and Mixed Seed Bird Feeders
Category : Peanut Bird Feeders
Category : Wire Mesh Bird Feeders


Attract a wide variety of songbirds to your yard!

Bring birds to your backyard for a nutritious treat of black oil sunflower seed or shelled peanuts!

This all metal wire mesh feeder, is specifically designed to feed sunflower seed, whole hearts, or shelled peanuts. Wide roof protects seed, while the tray has built in drainage holes to keep seed fresh. Brilliant blue powder coated metal. Quick release lid.

Birds that use this feeder: Cardinals, Chickadees, Finches, Flickers, Goldfinches, Grackles, Grosbeaks, Jays, Juncos, Kinglets, Nuthatches, Redpolls, Siskins, Sparrows, Starlings, Titmice, Towhees, Woodpeckers and Wrens

Seed or Feed Options: Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Large Seed Mixes, Shelled Peanuts, Suet Pellets.

Capacity: 2 lb. (approximate)  

Dimensions: 9.5" x 9.5" x 6.75"