Cool Sack Round Wine Bottle Tote Green Set of 2

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Simply freeze the Cool Sacks and use whenever needed!

These Wine Chilling Bags will keep your beverage cool!

Cool Sack Round Beaded Wine Bottle Tote Green - Keep your beverage cool with the Round Beaded Cool Sack, as freezable color liquid surrounds the bag. The Round Beaded Cool Sack is perfect for keeping a large bottle cold on even the warmest of days. This is due to that fact that the cooling power comes from every side of these wine gift bags. Made from durable PVC plastic and sporting a smart design, you can expect years of quality service from your Round Beaded Cool Sack. Do you want your bottle to look icy cold? Then it is tough to beat the Round Beaded Cool Sack in a lovely shade of green. If you are looking for reusable wine gift bags, this is a great option! 

Set of 2 Green Round Beaded Cool Sack Wine Bottle Totes

Dimensions: 4.5” X 4.5” X 15.5”