Beer Buddy Beer Tumbler Pink

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An insulated portable beer tumbler perfect for picnics and other outdoor festivities!

Prevents spills, keeps bugs and dirt from getting in, and helps keep your beer cool!

Beer Buddy Beer Tumbler Pink - Meet your newest drinking buddy: Beer Buddy Cup! It is a double-walled BPA-free SAN Acrylic plastic drink tumbler with a closeable lid that holds 16 ounces of beer, prevents spills, condensation and keeps the bugs out. This beer tumbler is sure to make your outdoor (and indoor) beer drinking fun, easy and safe!

On the Beach and Pool - No need for solo cups! Glass is forbidden yet you still get to drink with ease.

On the Golf Course - The close-able lid allows you to handle the hilly terrain without spills.

At Live Events - Going to that awesome music festival or beer fest? Now, heads will turn as you swig on your beer vessel.

During Outdoor Adventures - Prevent dirt and bugs getting in your beer while hiking, camping or just lounging on your deck.

A variety of lid colors to choose from. 16 ounce capacity.

Dimensions: 3.5" x 3.5" x 7.75"