Squirrel Defeater Nyjer Feeder

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Songbirds Love It! Squirrels, Starlings & Grackles Fear It!

An Amazingly Effective Squirrel-Resistant Feeder at an Affordable Price!

3 Individually Weight-Controlled Perches - A new superior design over feeders with 1 weight-control mechanism!

Squirrel Defeater Nyjer Feeder - Feed songbirds not squirrels, starlings or grackles. 3 individually weight-controlled seed ports equals uninterrupted feeding at other ports. Weight-controlled seed ports close under a squirrel's body weight. Spring-loaded perches no batteries to replace or recharge. Strong, carbon steel tension springs. Humane squirrel control. No shocking or harm to squirrels. Squirrel baffles large lid and secondary baffle prevent Squirrels from climbing down the feeder to access the seed ports. Secondary baffle above ports protects seed from rainfall. Gnaw proof 304 grade stainless steel port guards, hanger and screws. Long lasting UV protected polycarbonate seed tube. UV protected polypropylene base and baffle lid. Lid has secure fit, but slides up hanger for easy filling. Easy cleaning quick 3 tab disassembly.

Large capacity holds 1.3 quarts of Nyjer (Thistle), Finch Mix

Birds this feeder will attract include: Finches, Pine Siskins


* Humane Squirrel Control
* No Batteries to Replace
* Built-In Squirrel Baffles
* Chew-Proof Port Guards
* Rust-Free Hardware
* Large Capacity Seed Tube
* Easy Cleaning - Easy Filling
* UV Protected Tube & Body
* 3 Versions Available - Nyjer, Seed, Nut

Dimensions: 7" x 8" x 24"

Feed Songbirds, Not Squirrels

Squirrel Defeater Bird Feeder

Seed ports close under a Squirrel's body weight!