Sounds of Tennessee Mountain Birds & Creek CD

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Soothing, Relaxing Sounds from Mother Nature in Concert!

Tennessee Mountain Bird and Creek Sounds

This wonderful recording of several different types of Tennessee Mountain birds, including wild turkey gobblers, all joining together for an early morning sing-along with a happy babbling brook singing backup and an occasional woodpecker doing a drum roll on a hollow tree, is the result of over three years of trial and error recording involving many different types of equipment and techniques. What you hear is exactly what came through the microphones on May 9, 2001 between 5:30 and 7:00 am. You can even hear a bee buzz by once in a while. The picture on the front of the CD is the exact location where this concert took place. If you can name any of the birds featured here, please let me know. I recognize the turkey and the crow, that's it. - Bill Chappell. 74 minutes in length. There is no musical accompaniment on this CD. Only the pure, peaceful sounds of nature.

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