Sounds of the Appalachians Birds & Creek CD

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Soothing, Relaxing Sounds from Mother Nature in Concert!

Sounds of the Appalachians: Birds and Creek

This is our eighth nature CD, and though some birds are common to many areas where I have made nature recordings, each products has a unique overall sound of its own. This CD has some wonderful sounds of creatures that came within hearing distance of my microphone for the first time. They are as follows: wild turkey hen track 4; small squirrel tracks 12 and 13; mourning dove in flight track 2. These sounds appear in other tracks also. There are other sounds on this CD which I haven't heard before and have not been able to identify. This CD is very soothing and restful, so relax and enjoy! - Bill Chappell. 74 minutes in length. There is no musical accompaniment on this CD. Only the pure, peaceful sounds of nature.

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