For The Birds Round Straw Hut Bamboo Windchime

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Category : Windchimes - Bamboo and Wooden Bird Collection
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Category : Nesting/Roosting Pockets
Category : Bobbo Whimsical Gift Collection


Windchimes that are 'Green', Eco-Friendly and Good For The Environment!

A wind chime and functional birdhouse all in one!

These colorful, decorative and functional bamboo wind chimes make wonderful gifts for nature lovers!

Our 'For The Birds' Birdhouse Round Straw Hut Bamboo Wind Chimes offer great color and soothing sound to enhance your outdoor living experience. The straw hut is also a functional birdhouse or roosting pocket for small songbirds. Entirely hand carved and hand painted using all natural bamboo and fast growth renewable albesia wood we have selected our most popular whimsical themes to give you a collection that will satisfy the nature lover in all of us.

Dimensions: 31.5" x 6.7" x 6.7"

Bobbo's hand-carved products are produced from fast growth renewable albesia wood.

Weather or Not Window Thermometers are Eco-Friendly!