Carousel Cafe Bird Feeder

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Carousel Café Bird Feeder with Verdigris Copper Roof

You and your birds will savor this splendid feeder from every angle!

You and your birds will savor this splendid feeder from every angle. As a dining space, it’s roomy and completely inviting; as a yard or garden addition, it’s utterly charming and completely practical, thanks to bright and indestructible cellular PVC construction featuring copper roof. Round and round your birds will go, but you know they’ll always stop at your Carousel Café! Mounting pocket with brackets fits over a 4x4 post. Available with a Bright Copper or Verdigris Copper Roof. 100% made in the USA!

4x4 Post sold separately

Color: White with Bright Copper or Verdigris Copper Roof (Select at checkout)

Dimensions: 18"W x 18"D x 36"H; 45 lbs. Shipping Weight

Made in the USA   

Note: Dimensionally oversized. Additional shipping may be required depending on order size and destination zone.

Heartwood Carousel Cafe Bird Feeder with Bright Copper Roof

Carousel Bird Feeder with Bright Copper Roof