Elegant Bird Silhouette Chickadee on Pussy Willow

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Elegant Garden Designs Bird Silhouettes

Elegant Metal Bird Silhouettes!

Decorative Accents for your Home and Garden!

This framed silhouette of a black-capped chickadee perched on a pussy willow has been hand-crafted with pride in the USA from steel and individually rusted by hand for that endearing shabby chic look. Hung on a fence or wall, in your garden or in your house, this bird profile reflects personality as well as species-specific traits. Indulge your love of black-capped chickadees with this artistic design that you can enjoy year-round. Made in the USA by skilled artisans.  

Dimensions: 6"W x 10.25"H

Made in the USA 

Capturing not only the essence of birds, these wonderful rustic metal silhouettes reflect personality as well as species specific traits that brings a smile and oohs and aahs to ones day. Adding to their sweetness is the fact that one can bend out their wings and add even more character that captures the likeness of our feathered friends. From the smallest little wren to the magnificent Great Blue Heron, our artists have had delight turning their love of birds into this enjoyable form. Each one captures characteristics that are fun to identify just from their silhouetted form.