Grande View Bird Feeder Thermometer

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17.5" Grande View Bird Feeder Thermometer with Satin Nickel Finish

Feed the birds and read the temperature at the same time!

Accurate, durable and beautiful, the Grande View Bird Feeder Thermometer is a treasured gift for any occasion!

This unique product combines a tube style bird feeder with a top quality thermometer. Sure to please both the backyard birder and the weather buff, this well thought out design is available in three sizes in the popular Bronze Patina and Satin Nickel finish that matches today's outdoor furniture and accessories.

This combination two-in-one outdoor bird feeder/thermometer allows viewers to check the weather while watching birds feed. Attracts many bird types and accommodates 1 to 1-3/4 lb. of different blends of bird seed. 10-year limited warranty included. Constructed of long-lasting anodized aluminum, this unique bird feeder has a UV stabilized polycarbonate tube that resists yellowing and cracking. The secure friction fit top allows for easy filling while the quick release bottom makes it easy to clean. The isolated thermometer chamber stays clean, and shows temperature in both F and C (-40 to 120 degrees F). Entire feeder can be easily disassembled for more thorough cleaning. Three sizes available ranging from 17-1/2 to 24 inches tall (including hanger). Bronze Patina or Satin Nickel Finish. Select size and finish color at checkout.


• Available in three sizes: 17.5" (Medium), 21.25" (Large), 24" (X-Large)
• Seed capacities of 1 lb., 1.5 lb. and 1.75 lb.
• Thermometer shows both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales
• Large thermometer scale is easy-to-read from a distance
• Isolated thermometer chamber stays clean
• Secure friction fit top for easy filling
• Quick release bottom for easy cleaning
• Long-lasting anodized aluminum construction with
  Bronze Patina & Satin Nickel finish
• Durable UV stabilized polycarbonate tube resists yellowing
• Attracts a variety of birds including chickadees, gold
  finches, cardinals, jays, sparrows and many more.
• Recommended seed is sunflower mix
• 4 to 6 feeding ports with perches depending on size
• Backed by 10-year limited manufacturer's warranty

Seed Capacities: 1 lb. (Medium), 1.5 lb. (Large), 1.75 lb. (X-Large)

Feeding Ports/Perches: 4 (Medium and Large), 6 (X-Large)

Dimensions: 2" x 7" x 17.5" (Medium); 2.5" x 6" x 21.25" (Large), 2.5" x 6" x 24" (X-Large)

Grand View Bird Feeder Thermometer Bronze Patina Finish

17.5" Bird Feeder Thermometer with Bronze Patina Finish

Grande View Bird Feeder Thermometer

21.25" and 24" sizes with 4 and 6 feeder ports

Optional Seed Tray Available! Select at checkout

Grande View Bird Feeder Thermometer is now available with a matching seed tray. The addition of the tray keeps the area below the feeder debris-free, providing more options to position the feeder, i.e. near the house or above a deck or patio. The extra perch space is perfect for larger birds and allows them to comfortably reach the feeding ports. The tray is easily attached to the bottom of the feeder and comes with matching hardware. Shown below is the 17.5" Bird Feeder Thermometer with seed tray and patina bronze finish.

Grande View Bird FeederTthermometer with Tray