Revenge Moth Traps 4 Traps/Pack

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Protect your bird seed, pantry and food storage areas from moths!

Odorless, 100% non-toxic!

Safe to use near all food storage and preparation areas!

Each Trap Lasts for up to 3 months!

Attract and capture various pantry moths with Bonide Revenge Moth Traps. This set of four odorless, yet powerful, traps attract and capture pantry moths that are found in flour, rice, crackers, dog food, bird seed, and cereals. Each trap uses a special pheromone lure to trap the male moth, thereby disrupting the life cycle so that egg laying ceases. Lasting for up to three months, continued use of the traps ensures that any earlier laid eggs will be caught when they emerge as adults. Because these traps are also non-toxic, they can be safely placed near food storage and food preparation areas. Protect your pantry, kitchen, or other food storage areas with Bonide Revenge Moth Traps. Made in the USA!

4 Ready To Use Traps/Pack (Two boxes with 2 Traps each)

Dimensions: 3.75" x 5.25" x .75" 

Made in the USA