2020 Audubon Songbirds Picture-A-Day Wall Calendar

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Picture-A-Day Songbird Wall Calendar!

A new bird sighting every day of the year!

The essential gift for America’s 51 million birders: a calendar that holds the promise of a daily sighting from Audubon, the organization synonymous with birds. Each month, AUDUBON SONGBIRDS & OTHER BACKYARD BIRDS features a large photograph at the top of the page, plus smaller images throughout the grid.

Admire hundreds of spritely, elegant songbirds, photographed in their native habitats. For America’s birders, this 1.2 million copy‒seller provides a thrilling new sighting every day. Spot familiar birds through the seasons: a Pileated Woodpecker in flight on an autumn evening; a White-breasted Nuthatch munching snowy crabapples in January. And arresting bursts of color—from the shocking blue of the Indigo Bunting to the dramatic crimson of a Scarlet Tanager. With knowledgeable text from the Audubon Society, the birdwatching experts: Did you know that most birds have bright plumage in spring and summer, but assume a duller plumage for nonbreeding seasons? It’s a delightful tribute to the backyard songsters who bring their color and music to every day. Made in the USA!

Dimensions: 14" x 12"

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Made in the USA