Achla Ultra Shepherd's Pole

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Hang bird feeders, birdhouses, plant baskets and garden art with ease!

Our popular Ultra Shepherd's Pole is the perfect solution for hanging bird feeders, hummingbird feeders, bird houses, hanging plants and more! Made from 3/4" pipe stock. Stronger than standard 1/2" square or round sections, and 5/8" round section. Ultra Shepherd Poles do not bend under the weight of a heavy basket, bird feeder or birdhouse. These sturdy shepherd poles are field-tested for deflection. They come apart (KD knock-down) for easy shipping. Graphite powder-coated for durability.

Easy step-in installation. Choose between 2-pronged step-in bases or heavy-duty 3-pronged bases with center wedge supports for additional stability. 

7 Ultra Shepherd Poles to choose from! Select at checkout

Create your own pole configuration - poles slide together. For shipping purposes, all double poles come with detachable second bracket.

* TSW26 Double Hanger 91"H
* TSW27 Single Hanger 91"H
* TSW28 Double Hanger 64"H
* TSW29 Single Hanger 64"H
* TSW37 Single Hanger Heavy Duty 91"H
* TSW38 Double Hanger Heavy Duty 91"H

Achla Ultra Shepherd's Pole 

Achla Ultra Shepherd's Pole

Note: TSW36 no longer available.

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