Elegant Bird Silhouette CA Quail Family Stake Set

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Elegant Garden Designs Bird Silhouettes

Elegant Metal Bird Silhouettes!

Decorative Accents for your Home and Garden!

California Quail Family Stake Set includes one each of Male, Female, Chick #1, and Chick #2 Silhouettes.

Beautiful Handcrafted Metal Silhouettes For Bird Lovers! These unique rusty steel bird silhouettes will add interest to any garden landscape or interior decor. Mount to wooden stakes, posts, deck rails, fences, wood bases, on the ground, or in a flower bed to create a rustic natural look. Can also be used as decorative accents indoors or mounted to a wall. Add multiple birds to create interesting imaginative displays!

Each bird silhouette comes mounted to a metal stake. Individual California Quail Silhouettes also available. Made in the USA by skilled artisans.  

Dimensions: .01" x 18" x 7.75" (varies depending on positioning of staked silhouettes) 

Made in the USA 

Capturing not only the essence of birds, these wonderful rustic metal silhouettes reflect personality as well as species specific traits that brings a smile and oohs and aahs to ones day. Adding to their sweetness is the fact that one can bend out their wings and add even more character that captures the likeness of our feathered friends. From the smallest little wren to the magnificent Great Blue Heron, our artists have had delight turning their love of birds into this enjoyable form. Each one captures characteristics that are fun to identify just from their silhouetted form.