Rainbow Windsock Red Silver 2/Pack

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The Rainbow Windsock... A Gorgeous Waterfall of Color!

The holographic strands of the 51 inch long Red Silver Rainbow Windsock move in the slightest breeze creating a cascading effect with color and light. This dazzling waterfall of color is perfect for garden decorations, attracting hummingbirds and butterflies. They make great party decorations that liven any backyard party. Not only are Rainbow Windsocks delightful to look at, the constant motion of the holographic strands keep birds and deer away. Use them as bird deterrents in front of windows to prevent bird deaths or as garden scarecrow devices.

* Made with durable Holographic mylar.
* Attracts hummingbirds and Butterflies.
* Prevents birds from colliding in windows.
* Discourages woodpeckers from damaging the house.
* Discourages herons when hung over the koi pond.
* Adds interest and excitement in the garden.
* Creates a beautiful rainbow of colors in sunlight.
* Shows the wind's direction in rainbow colors.
* Brings a smile of delight to all!

Set of 2 Windsocks

Dimensions: 51"L x 4.5"W