Large Ground Feeder Platform w/Removable Screen

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Quality Platform Bird Feeders and Seed Catchers from Wood Country!


Keep your feeders and areas around them clean!

Patented Removable Seed Trays make bird feeder cleaning easy and fast. These seed trays are made out of perforated steel for durability and drainage, powder-coated and formed for seed diverting. All Wood Country platforms and seed catchers contain these removable trays for easy cleaning. Made in the USA!

Large Seed Catcher Platform w/Removable Screen. Platform Leg Kit included. Perfect for feeding ground feeding birds such as pigeons, quail, cardinals, juncos and others. Platform can also be mounted to a 1" diameter pole making it a pole mounted seed platform feeder, or use as a seed catcher mounted under a hopper feeder using a metal pole flange.

Dimensions: 23"L x 22"W x 9 3/4"H

Includes Wood Country Platform Leg Kit (shown below) making the large platform a ground feeder.  Simply attach the legs to platform with included screws.

Cedar Platform Leg Set