Songbird 3D Magnet Collection Set of 6

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Colorful 3-dimensional refrigerator magnets for backyard bird lovers!

Songbird 3D Magnet Collection Includes:

*Summer Bluebirds
*New Light Loons
*Nosey Junco
*Fire In The Snow (Winter Cardinals)
*Mad Bluebird

These delightfully whimsical designs are produced by the same folks who bring us our Mad Bluebird will be sure to warm your heart. You can enjoy these gorgeous works of art as a 3-dimensional refrigerator magnet. Lots of colorful detail. Strong, high quality magnet made of wood with a glossy finish. These make wonderful gifts for birding enthusiasts!

Set of 6 Magnets (1 of each design) 

Dimensions: 4" x 3" x .25" (varied)