Deluxe Fly-Through Gazebo Bird Feeder

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A gathering place for the birds!

This feeder is packed with features!

The Deluxe Fly-Thru Gazebo Bird Feeder is a traditional feeder designed to look great in any yard and feed any bird. The feeder can be hung, post mounted, or pole mounted and includes hardware for each option. The feeder serves a large variety of food and holds up to 5 pounds of seed when it´s mounted. Because the open, fly through design doesn´t intimidate birds, your yard will be a hub of activity. Made from heavy duty, rust resistant, galvanized steel with a forest green, powder coated finish, the Fly-Thru Gazebo Bird Feeder is sure to last for years. The feeder is easy to clean and steel is safer for birds than porous plastic or wood constructioon. The steel will not absorb bacteria or mold so your birds will stay healthy!

•Made in the U.S.A.
•Use it to dispense suet, fruit, jelly, and seeds
•Strong, safe construction
•Includes hardware for hanging and mounting

Dimensions: 12" x 14.75" x 11"; Weight 6 lbs.

Made in the USA