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Classic Small Airplane Blue Whirligig

Classic Small Airplane Blue Whirligig

Colorful, classic handcrafted wooden whirligigs for your garden landscape!

Quality crafted in the USA by skilled artisans!

Our colorful airplanes make a great addition to the flying enthusiast yard or garden! Available in Blue, Red, Green or Yellow. The Classic Small Airplane Whirligig has a single propeller in front. The slightest breeze will make the propeller spin while the airplane whirligig swivels like a weathervane! This whirligig is 16.5” long. Crafted out of strong white pine and sealed with durable acrylic enamel paint this whirly bird is designed to last. Each whirligig has a peg which is approximately 1 inch in length which can be used to mount the item to a wood post, pole, stake or deck rail. Proudly made in the USA!

Available in Blue, Red, Yellow, or Green. Select color at checkout.

Dimensions: 16.5" x 18" x 9" Prop (approximate)

Made in the USA

What are Whirligigs?

Whirligigs are whimsical, wind-driven expressions of American folk art that first appeared nearly 200 years ago. The faster the wind blows, the more furiously the figure moves. Our classic handcrafted wooden whirligigs make wonderful gifts and are sure to put a smile on everyone!

The Whirligig, initially conceived as a comic weathervane in the early 1800s, will swivel into the wind and indicate the velocity by the intensity of the action of the figures. Very early designs were absolutely unique in size, style and color, limited only by the artist’s imagination and craftsmanship.

Our Whirligig craft, established in 1925, has recaptured this American Folk Art for your amusement. Our Whirligigs are made of solid, New England white pine, hand assembled, and finished with bright, durable paints and 100% inspected for proper operation. Our classic Whirligig products are regarded as the best functioning, most durable Whirligigs available and will provide years of enjoyment.

Mounting Options & Accessories

Replacement Propeller (Available at checkout) - The Airplane Whirligig propeller, like all components of our Whirligigs are constructed of durable materials made to last. However, for whatever reason, you may need to replace a propeller down the road. The extra propeller might come in handy!

YARD MOUNTING: Select a post or pole desired, for mounting. Posts or stakes that are 1 ½“ to 2” in diameter are best. Pre-drill the post or pole to prevent splitting. (3/16” drill bit) Set the supplied 20d mounting nail in the center of the post being careful that the nail and post are exactly vertical to prevent the unit from dropping excessively in any direction. When mounted correctly on the vertical nail, the Whirligig will swivel (weathervane) freely into the breeze.

Vertical Mount Bracket (shown below): This flat surface vertical mounting bracket allows you to mount your whirligig to decks, porches, posts, fences, or trees. Sturdy wood construction. High-gloss enamel white or light brown finish colors. Pre-drilled for easy installation. Hardware and assembly instructions included. (Available at checkout)

Vertical Surface Mount 

4X4 Post Mount (shown below) - Mount your whirligig to this 4x4 Post Mount. Easily installs over standard 4x4 wooden posts. Brown or white finish color. (Available at checkout)

Whirligig 4x4 Post Mount - Brown or White Finish

Deck Mount (shown below) - Mount your whirligig to this Deck Mount. Pre-drilled and easily installs on deck rails, porch rails or any flat surface. Brown or white finish color. (Available at checkout)

Whirligig Deck Pedestal Mount - For Deck Rails, Porch Rails or any flat surface

46" Garden Post Mount (shown below) - Mount your whirligig to this 46" Tall Garden Post. Durable metal stake with tapered point easily installs anywhere in your yard or garden. Brown or white finish color. (Available at checkout) Note: Must ship separately. Freight cost included in price.

Whirligig 46" Garden Post - Mount whirligigs anywhere in your yard or garden


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