New Jersey State Bird - Eastern Goldfinch


Eastern Goldfinch

(Carduelis tristis)
Adopted on June 27, 1935.

The Eastern Goldfinch is the New Jersey state bird, having been so declared by Senate, No . 241.

SENATE, No. 241

Introduced January 29, 1935
Referred to Committee on Miscellaneous Business

An Act to create a New Jersey State Bird
BE IT ENACTED by the Senate and General Assembly of the State of
New Jersey:
1. The Eastern Goldfinch is hereby designated as the New Jersey
State bird.
2. This act shall take effect immediately.
The purpose of this act is to create a State bird. Forty-four
of the States have already designated State birds.
See also Chapter 283, Laws of 1935.

New Jersey adopted the goldfinch on June 27, 1935. And that's about all anyone knows about New Jersey's state bird! Commented Robert Lupp, Supervising Librarian, New Jersey Publications, State Library, “Unfortunately, no information is available as to why the eastern goldfinch was chosen New Jersey's state bird. Neither the original bill nor the legislative journals (which do not record debate) provide a clue.”

Seeds from dandelions, sunflowers, ragweed, and evening primrose are the main source of food for the Eastern Goldfinch (Carduelis tristis). In late July or early August they build their nests from plant materials and line them with thistledown. The pale blue-white eggs of the Eastern Goldfinch incubate for two weeks and the young birds leave the nest when they are two to three weeks old.

The top of the male's head is topped with black. The bright yellow body has black wings and tail. The female has a dull olive-yellow body with a brown tail and wings. The male goldfinch acquires the same dull plumage in the winter months.

Kingdom Animalia -- animals
   Phylum Chordata -- chordates
      Subphylum Vertebrata -- vertebrates
         Class Aves -- birds
            Order Passeriformes -- perching birds
               Family Fringillidae -- buntings, finches, grosbeaks, old world finches, sparrows
                  Genus Carduelis Brisson, 1760 -- goldfinches
                     Species Carduelis tristis (Linnaeus, 1758) -- american goldfinch, Jilguero canario