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LEGAL NOTICE TO PICSCOUT, trading as, GETTY IMAGES, trading as, PICSCOUT CLIENTS, PicRights Ltd., and like entities: You are prohibited from accessing
1: Permission for the copyright scanning robot (bot) program known as PicScout and other similar or like entities to access this site is explicitly denied. All other robots which scan content for the purpose of any form of law enforcement, criminal or civil, are also denied permission to access this website at any time.
2: Photo images on originate from product manufacturers, suppliers, non-profit organizations, private individuals, or taken by our own cameras. These images including website content are licensed for all noncommercial reproduction EXCEPT by law enforcement, by Stock Photo Agencies, or by any other corporation that has at least once filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against one or more online users of their content. Use of any content, articles, photos, audio, or video for any purpose by any entity which is a plaintiff in a copyright infringement case is hereby prohibited. 
3: Stock Photo Agencies are explicitly prohibited from using any image that originated in our website for any propose. These photo images are released by "permission only” for not-for-profit use by the general public. Their use for extortion by an external party claiming copyright against a third party downloader from THEIR site shall be treated as a copyright violation.
4: Notice concerning demands for damages originating from Stock Photo Agencies or other scanning robot (bot) users:
We regard some Stock Photo Agencies as entities engaged in fraud and extortion. As such, all payment SHALL BE REFUSED if any threats of legal action are ever received from Stock Photo Agencies, any other copyright holder, or law firm representing copyright holders engaging in extortion by demanding "damages” prior to or without first sending DCMA takedown notifications, and provide verifiable proof of copyright registration, licensing and ownership. Not only will we refuse to pay the funds demanded, we shall also seek liquidated damages in the amount of up to $150,000 US per violation of our Terms of Service (TOS) concerning the unauthorized access of image and content scanning robots (bot).