Heartwood AquaDuck Assembly Instructions

Heartwood AquaDuck Floating Duck House 

AquaDuck Assembly Instructions

Assembling the body of the Floating Duck House
The body of the Floating Duck House is assembled from three pairs of side panels. Position the pairs of panels to form a six-sided structure. Each vertical of each pair is lettered. Make sure A aligns with A, B aligns with B, and C aligns with C. Note: The Floating Duck House platform makes a good work place to assemble the panels. Fasten the three corners with the provided bronze-colored 2" screws. Each corner will need two screws.

Fastening the body to the flotation platform
Screw the two ledger blocks to the flotation platform as marked on the platform. Use the supplied 3-1/2" silver screws. Use two screws in each ledger block.

Position the body on the flotation platform using the marked outline as a guide. Align the black arrows marked on the wood.

Installing the partition
Your Floating Duck House is a two compartment house. Insert the partition. No fasteners are needed. The partition may be left out if you want a single large compartment.

Installing the top
Locate the black dots on the top of the corner post (2) and the bottom of the ridge beam (1). Position the top of the body making sure the ridge beams are sitting on top of the corner posts. Make sure that the ridge beam with the black dots sits on the corner post with a black dot.

Positioning the top
Visually level the top the best you can. Then use a tape measure or ruler and measure the distance between the corners of the roof to the platform. This distance should be the same at all six corners. Adjust the top as needed to ensure equidistance between the corners of the roof to the platform.

Attaching the roof to the body
Using the supplied 3-1/2" silver screws, fasten the top to the body. Put screws through the predrilled holes in the ridge beams. Make sure that the screws go into the corner posts.

Attaching the duck walks
Position the duck walks in front of the door openings and fasten with the supplied 2" silver screws. Your Floating Duck House is ready for the water.

General Information
Heartwood has created a place for architecture and wildlife to coexist. This duck shelter provides a safe haven for domestic or migratory ducks, for personal safety and for raising a family. Properly anchored in your pond or lake, it provides constant enjoyment as your ducks raise their young. The water provides a barricade from most predators of waterfowl and provides you with architecture for your waterfront. By having this duck shelter surrounded by water, predation is virtually eliminated, providing your ducks safe haven and safety for eggs and the ducklings as they mature and learn to fly.

The Floating Duck House floats on closed-cell Styrofoam and pressure treated pine platform and deck - all fastened with screws to provide years of service. The shelter itself is made from 100% cypress and the metal roof parts are 29 gauge galvalume panels.

All parts are clearly marked and all fasteners are included. Assembly should require 15 minutes with a cordless screwdriver or regular screwdriver. When fully assembled, the Floating Duck House weighs about 75 pounds. A nylon cord and concrete anchor block for securing the Floating Duck House are not included but are easily available from your local hardware store.

The platform is 45" square and the shelter is 34" in diameter. The total height from waterline to the peak of the roof is 47". The door openings (2) measure 6" x 8" and a center partition can be removed during assembly to provide a single space or left in to make the shelter a duplex. Two duck ladders placed on the sides of Floating Duck House allow access to the platform.