North America Bird Range Map Series (H thru Q)

Featured below are range maps for a variety of America's more common backyard birds beginning with the alphabet H thru Q.  These maps show the summer breeding range (red), winter non-breeding range (blue), year-round range (purple), and migration range (yellow) of each bird species listed.  Use these maps to determine which bird species can be found in your area.  Click image to enlarge map
Clicking the bird species name will take you to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology 'All About Birds' website.  There you will get a full description and cool facts about each bird species, view photos, listen to their sounds, and learn detailed information about their range, habitat, food, behavior, reproduction and more.  After viewing this page, press the "Backspace" key on your keyboard to return to Songbird Garden

 Hairy Woodpecker             Hermit Thrush           Hermit Warbler

Hairy Woodpecker                       Hermit Thrush                        Hermit Warbler

  Hoary Redpoll             Hooded Merganser           Hooded Warbler

Hoary Redpoll                             Hooded Merganser                  Hooded Warbler

 House Finch            House Wren            House Sparrow

House Finch                                   House Wren                     House Sparrow

 Indigo Bunting            Ivory-billed Woodpecker            Killdeer

Indigo Bunting                          Ivory-billed Woodpecker             Killdeer 

 Lark Bunting            Lazuli Bunting            Lesser Goldfinch

Lark Bunting                                Lazuli Bunting                           Lesser Goldfinch 

Lawrence's Goldfinch            Long-billed Curlew            Mallard

 Lawrence's Goldfinch               Long-billed Curlew                    Mallard 

Mountain Bluebird            Mountain Chickadee            Mourning Dove

  Mountain Bluebird                 Mountain Chickadee                Mourning Dove 

Northern Cardinal            Northern Flicker            Northern Mockingbird

  Northern Cardinal                  Northern Flicker                  Northern Mockingbird 

 Northern Saw-whet owl            Orchard Oriole            Osprey

Northern Saw-whet Owl             Orchard Oriole                           Osprey 

Painted Bunting            Pileated Woodpecker            Pine Siskin

Painted Bunting                      Pileated Woodpecker                   Pine Siskin 

Protonotary Warbler            Purple Finch            Purple Martin

 Prothonotary Warbler                 Purple Finch                        Purple Martin 


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